Unlimited Scenes Uploads for Virtual Tours
With iAriv, you have the freedom to create, share, and publish unlimited virtual tours on any plan, whether it's Monthly or Yearly Plan. Plus, each virtual tour allows for the upload of an unlimited number of scenes.
Virtual Tours: Private or Public Access
Only individuals with the shared link will have access to your public virtual tour. These tours will be indexed on Google or iAriv, and will be publicly visible in Explore. We prioritize the confidentiality of private virtual tours. Anyone except the user will not have access to your private virtual tour.These tours will not be indexed on Google or iAriv, nor will they be publicly visible on your profile. We prioritize the confidentiality of private virtual tours.
Linkage For Moving from one scene to another
Add the Linkage to link one scene to another. Even better, you can also customize your Linkage.
Adjust the Camera Positions Angle
Select the arrival view angle and opt to enable or disable the auto-rotate/animation feature for your photos.
Embed into Your Website
Simply copy and paste the iAriv embed code to seamlessly integrate your virtual tour into your website.
Infospots (Photos, Videos, URLs, Text)
Create an engaging 360° virtual tour by integrating video links or URLs, photos, and text within i Infospots. These elements provide interactive content for visitors when they click on the designated spots within your tour.
Engage with Virtual Tours: Views, Like, Comment & Share with a thriving community
When you like a virtual tour, the owner will receive a notification, and your liked items will be stored in the favorites section of your community page. Join us in building the world's largest virtual tours community.
Secure Cloud Servers
Our servers are cloud-based and securely encrypted (HTTPS), ensuring the safety of your data. Rest assured, your virtual tours will always remain accessible online.
Adjust Zoom Settings
Select the zoom configuration for the views in your virtual tour.
Share and Publish Your Tours Online
You can paste your URL to share via email, WhatsApp, real estate software, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube comments, Telegram, LinkedIn, Skype, and various other social networks.
Custom Logos and Add Interactive Links
Customize your virtual tours by adding the logos of your choice, along with web links to redirect visitors when they click on your logo or link. Incorporate your own branding or that of your clients seamlessly into your virtual tours. Tailor each tour with unique logos, and even create pre-selected logo options for each client
View and Create Tours Across Smartphones, Computers, and Tablets
Access and create tours from smartphones, computers, and tablets—whether it's on MAC or Microsoft computers, or iOS and Android smartphones or tablets.
Compatible with Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets
Offer your clients an exceptional experience by allowing them to view your virtual tours through a VR headset, such as Oculus GO or Google Cardboard, for immersive exploration.
Edit or Delete Your Virtual Tour
You have the flexibility to edit or delete your virtual tours at any time. It's worth noting that when you edit a tour, the URL remains unchanged, so there's no need to worry. However, once you delete a tour, it's permanently removed, so please proceed with caution!
Enhancements for Photos, Panoramic Shots, and 360-degree Images
The enhancement tool empowers you to fine-tune exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, white balance, and saturation for all your scene photos.
Add Avatar with Speech to Voiceover or Audio File
In iAriv,, an avatar character serves as your digital guide, enhancing the interactive experience for users. This avatar is meticulously crafted to embody a friendly and professional demeanor, ensuring seamless navigation through the virtual environment. With lifelike movements and expressions, the avatar adds a human touch, providing assistance, information, and context as users explore various locations or properties. Whether it's guiding visitors through a museum exhibit, showcasing a real estate property, or leading a virtual tour of a historical site, the 3D avatar character engages users, making the experience both informative and enjoyable.